The design of didactic objects for use in mathematics teachers' professional development

Carlos Castillo-Garsow, Sharon Lima, Kay McClain, Pat Thompson
Arizona State University

Presented at the 2008 NCTM Research Pre-session in Salt Lake City by Carlos Castillo-Garsow

This talk was part of a longer presentation describing the TPCC project as a whole. Although the talk should stand on its own, it does make reference to a video clip played in an earlier presentation. This video clip is also included on this page

This video clip is from a non-honors Algebra I class. The class was taught as part of a collaboration between "Augusta," the high school teacher in the video and researchers at Arizona State University. It was taped every day, and these videos were used as the source of the didactic objects described in the presentation. This clip is from May, near the end of the class.

This is the presentation. The audio was re-recorded after the presentation, and is a reconstruction of the original talk.