Yeolcoatl SMP2
    About: A second version of my mp3 player, rewritten from the ground up to use the QTKit. Includes a smaller, streamlined interface, ability to play media other than mp3s, playlist editing, And fast forwarding rewinding within a song. Controls are similar to SMP1, although more context sensitive. Uses the Arrow Keys, M, P, J, Enter, Delete, [, ], ', Z, X, and C.

    v1.1 Update: Added new play modes, fiddled with the controls a bit to make myself more comfortable.

    Update: Instructions:
    Place music in the ~/Music/mp3/ directory

    P: Show/Hide Playlist/Directory List
    [: Playlist
    ]: Directory List
    Z:Prev Track
    C:Next Track
    M:Play Mode

    (Player Mode):
    Left & Right: Navigate within track
    Up & Down: Volume

    (Playlist Mode):
    Up & Down: Navigate
    Left and Right:Move track in playlist
    Enter:Play Track
    J:Jump to currently playing track
    Delete: Remove Track from Playlist

    (Directory Mode):
    Up & Down: navigate
    Left & Right:Open and Close Directories
    Enter:Add Track to Playlist
    ':Add Track to playlist and play.